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Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to interview a good friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Monique Giard about her life work as an experienced #ClinicalCounsellor in #emdrtherapy who has successfully integrated soul #healing techniques in her counselling practice with life transformational results in #wellness and #mentalhealth.

With over 25 years experience as a clinical counsellor, it was only until Monique started to incorporate soul healing and #healingart into her practice that her clients began to have the most effective and lasting improvements in their #wellbeing.

Why did you choose to become a Clinical Counselor? 

In 1994, my sister died by suicide. I was devastated and felt so guilty that I couldn’t help her or prevent her death. It was my first personal experience with suicide. I understood later that her pain was so great that life was not worth living anymore. So, I made a decision at that time that I would learn about emotional and mental pain and find ways to assist and end people’s suffering.

At the time I was a University Professor but I was willing to give up my academic career and find a new purpose in my life - become a counsellor to help end the suffering of people.

How did you come across Dr. and Master Sha’s modality of healing?

Since I was quite young I have always been interested in spirituality and religion. I read many spiritual books, studied with various spiritual teachers - Dalai Lama, Gurumayi, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar, and with many First Nations Elders. I was also very curious about the existence of other planets and other worlds beyond our own planet. After the death of my sister, I was on a quest to find the source of emotional pain and suffering. I attended a lecture with Dr. Peter Hudoba at the Britannia Community Centre that would change the course of my life.  

In 2005, I was completing my doctoral studies at University of British Columbia (UBC) and I was unhappy in my personal relationship. I thought if I want to be a couple counsellor, I need to walk the talk and find joy and happiness in my own relationship. That’s when I met Master Teacher Dr. Peter Hudoba who was trained by Master Sha as his first disciple. I soon learned about the teachings of cause and effect and how in this lifetime, we learn our lessons from the mistakes we have made in this lifetime or past lifetimes. 

The concept of cause and effect resonated with me deeply. In quantum physics, it is known as negative information or messages at the soul, heart, mind, body levels. I really wanted to transform my negative messages about relationships and started studying more intensely the teachings and healing modality of Master Sha.  

How are Master Sha’s teachings different from what you have learned from other spiritual teachers?

I learned about cause and effect or what is called karma with other spiritual teachers; the way Master Sha explains it makes it very easy to understand and he gives us tools to transform the mistakes we have made at a conscious or unconscious level. 

Master Sha’s key teaching is “Heal the soul first and healing of the mind and body will follow.” Everyone and everything has a soul or spirit. A relationship has a soul. The soul carries positive and negative messages that inform the relationship and manifest into reality.

This key principle of “healing the soul first” sounds simple yet profound and can be quite challenging to follow. To really heal at the core of an issue is to make a commitment with ourselves and understand that we create our reality - nobody is responsible for what we are experiencing. This is the biggest challenge most people have: to accept this responsibility. Most people want to blame their partner for what they are experiencing. I know because I did that for the longest time. What I was able to transform is my deep appreciation for my partner, for my life and for the divinity and sacredness in everything. It worked beautifully and today I can enjoy my relationship with my partner of 11 years, the longest time I have been in a relationship with a partner.

My gratitude and connection with everyone and everything expanded exponentially. I feel a deep sense of responsibility in making my relationship work and in other aspects in my life. Feeling deeply responsible brought me closer to the Divine. Surrendering to that deep sense of responsibility to serve others brought lots of joy in my life. That’s when I became trained as a spiritual guide for others. I feel deeply responsible to guide my clients, help them find their true self, their life purpose, and discover their own unique spiritual task. I am so grateful to Dr. Peter for introducing me to Master Sha’s teachings.

Why did you decide to use Master Sha's modality in your Counseling practice?

I have witnessed so many significant transformations with Tao Hands blessings, not only for me but for my children, siblings, and friends. I decided to join the training at Tao Academy to become a Tao Hands Practitioner. As a Tao Hands Practitioner, I am trained to offer healing frequencies of Love and Light to transform negative messages in the spiritual and mental bodies of my clients in all aspects of life, including relationships, mental health conditions and more.  

This is one of the ways I use the Power of Soul to overcome mental and emotional issues on the matter level - this is how the wisdom of Soul over Matter is applied through practical means. 


I decided to use Master Sha’s modality in my counselling practice because of that deep sense of responsibility to serve others. Once I had experienced for my family and my relationship such profound transformations, I felt responsible to include Master Sha’s teachings in my practice. As a clinical counsellor and EMDR therapist, I combine counselling with spiritual healing.  

I help my clients process their emotional and psychological issues through a step by step process, safely guiding them into experiencing spiritual healing for deeper transformation. I am committed to help my clients open their hearts and minds to overcome their own limiting beliefs and mindsets. Those who want to make deep lasting changes in their life find their way to me. 

How do you apply Master Sha's wisdom and techniques in your Counseling practice?

I introduce my clients to a powerful technique for grounding and boosting energy in the energy centre called the Lower Dan Tian. I demonstrate and invite my client to follow with me and learn the posture and hands position for boosting the Lower Dan Tian. I teach the abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing. Abdominal breathing is a well-known technique used to reduce stress, to calm the mind and to be fully present in our body. Many people who have experienced trauma, sexual abuse, or other forms of abuse, are at risk of experiencing dissociation or not being present in their body; checking out when something stressful arises. It is important to do an assessment of dissociative disorder. 

I also offer Tao Hands blessing with Love and Light to transform their blockages or limitations, to open their hearts and minds, and to empower them to participate in their own transformation by applying some simple, self-healing tools.

With the blessing, transformation is much faster than following a traditional counselling approach. I also guide them to practice simple self-healing techniques to transform their own blockages at the soul, heart, mind, body levels and in all aspects of life: health, relationships, finances, business, career, intelligence, and more.

What are the benefits that you have seen from using Master Sha's modality in your Counseling practice? 

My most successful case is a man suffering from depression and anxiety and unable to advance in life, sleeping most of the day and night, having no sense of life purpose, and having a marriage breaking down. He was also very overwhelmed by many debts, was overweight with debilitating knee pain and back pain. 

After only 7 sessions, with a daily practice of Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi meditation and tracing, energy grounding techniques, chanting positive mantras, and applying daily self blessings of Tao Hands, things quickly turned around. He now has a new purpose in life, has relocated to a new place, and is physically active again with almost no pain in knees and back. He finally left an unhealthy relationship, and is now motivated to develop a business as a life coach and Tao Hands Practitioner. It is a totally inspiring and amazingly fast transformation.

Another very successful case is a young woman who was suicidal and self-harming. I met her twice and after the second appointment, she was able to connect with her soul, her true self, her dance spirit. She found the courage to express herself, follow her dream as a dancer and stand up for herself and against the family expectations of her becoming a doctor or a scientist. I continue to support her with Tao Hands to maintain the transformation acquired in only 2 sessions. The Tao Hands blessings have erased so many negative messages at the soul, heart, mind, body levels. The high healing frequencies are helping to prevent her from self-harming and from having suicidal thoughts. She is much happier and ready to move on in her life.

What are some of the self-healing tools that you offer your clients?

I teach my clients to apply the Four Power techniques of Mind Power, Body Power, Sound Power, Soul Power. Mind Power is creative visualization through meditation, Body Power is Tai Chi energy practices, Sound Power is chanting healing mantras and Soul Power is connecting to the healing frequencies of Tao Hands and Tao Calligraphy.

There is a fifth power, Tao Calligraphy, which is a unique healing art created by Master Sha that carries healing frequencies from the Source. The healing benefits from tracing and meditating with Tao Calligraphy are incredible. With some clients - when they are ready to learn more about Master Sha's techniques - I introduce them to Tao Calligraphy Tao Chi movement practice that is tracing the calligraphy with energy practices. Many have come to the Master Sha Tao Centre Vancouver to trace with us during the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Demonstration evening. Then as they learn more, they can also choose to be trained as Tao Hands practitioners. The healing power of Tao Hands and Tao Calligraphy tracing is remarkable and many have experienced life changing transformations. 

I also teach my clients how to boost the energy centers in their bodies by chanting the newest healing mantras Master Sha has introduced in his new book: Tao Calligraphy Healing Field. My clients' progress with these techniques is impressive. Many clients have emotional imbalances due to lack of energy in the key energy centers located in the abdomen, kundalini and/or heart chakra, which in turn affect the organs in these areas. 

My clients can also receive permanent healing transmissions that are healing fields they can activate and practice by themselves. Once they boost the energy by practising with the healing fields and I offer a Tao Hands blessing to open their Qi (Energy) and Jing (Matter) channels, their emotional imbalances start to transform. With the Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi movement practice, energy continues to move and circulate in the body, nourishing the brain, changing the negative messages, so my clients begin to feel better, more joyful and optimistic about their life. 

Receiving the healing frequency from the Tao Calligraphy Tai Chi movement practice is truly a cutting-edge way of using the healing arts to transform all aspects of our life. We need to make that simple commitment to ourselves, to do something different, if we want to experience a change. Clients come to me by referral from another client who has experienced great changes, to find real solutions to long term, chronic problems. Master Sha's techniques are very effective for faster and long-lasting transformation.

How has using Master Sha's modality changed your Counseling practice? 

My counselling practice has changed considerably. My connection with a client has always been a heart to heart connection. And now it is a heart to heart, soul to soul connection. I can guide each client by accessing what they really need for their healing and offer a blessing, which is a transmission of high energy and vibration that has the potential to transform blockages at the soul, heart, mind, body levels. They can learn to do the practices at home to maintain the transformation. As we say, old habits come back rapidly when the new behavior is not well established. I do 50 % of the work, my clients have to do their 50 % as well. What Master Sha calls: Tian Ren Ge Ban, Heaven and Human must work together for the best results.

What are your words of advice to other Counselors about Soul Healing?  

Follow your soul’s guidance, surrender to your soul’s desire. Learn to communicate with your soul and the souls of others. When we can communicate heart to heart, soul to soul with a client, it accelerates healing and provides long-lasting transformation at the core of an issue. 

More and more healthcare practitioners from counsellors, therapists to doctors, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors and more are looking for ways to incorporate soul healing techniques in their practices. You can find out more about the many studies conducted by Sha Research Foundation that have been presented at medical conferences on the positive effects of soul healing.

Becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner is the first step to learn how to heal at the soul level with a powerful transmission of frequency and vibration from Tao, the Source, Divine - whatever your belief system chooses to call the Higher Self. Align with the sacred, help clients connect with the Sacred, with the Source, with Tao, with your Higher Self.  

Soul Healing is a new modality for counsellors and psychotherapists. Learn to do remote healing with your clients with Tao Hands. You too can become a powerful healer. 

I will be teaching the next Tao Hands training workshop for professionals this fall and there will be a Free Introduction to Tao Hands for Counsellors and Psychotherapists prior to that. If you would like to know more, I’d love to hear from you. Message me at

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